Is it mandatory to move STS-6 and TID Rollover at the same time?

Yes – the older security modules do not support the TID Rollover bit in the command

For new licences for SM providers, will the STSA propose a contract for the new conditions, especially for public sector?

This should be taken up with the HSM provider as it is not an STSA issue, but a commercial one.

Is it mandatory to physically send the SM to the provider for upgrade? Is there no remote solution?

Please contact the HSM provider since this depends on the level of HSM that you have.

Can you please explain the need and process of upgrading the HSM units for both manufacture and vending units, and how it relates to existing SGC keys already in it?

Both the manufacturing and vending HSM’s must be able to implement the different base dates, as well as the new decoder key generation algorithm (DKGA04) required for the TID rollover. The existing SGC’s will be retained in the modules, however, when doing the TID rollover, the key revision number (KRN) will be incremented to the next available number when generating the meter keys.