Are all vendors tested to be able to process the two tokens for TID roll-over and the purchase? (three tokens in total vended at the same time)

Since the STS Edition2 introduction, all vending systems are tested for TID rollover compliance. This has been in place since 2017.

How do we verify that a system and modules are according to STS Edition 2? Should that be confirmed by STS prior to deployment?

The certificate of the vending system or meter will state the edition that they are certified to. Although older meters will only be certified to Edition1, they must still support the TID rollover functionality since this has been part of the IEC62055-41 specification since its initial publication. The security module type and serial number should be communicated to the HSM supplier to check compatibility with STS Edition2.

Once the Vending system is updated, can an Edition 2 Vending system vend to base date 1993 and 2014 meters simultaneously?

Yes, it can.

Are there any cost associated with upgrading the vending system and producing meters with the new base date?

This depends on your contracts with meter and vending system manufacturers.

Will STS Edition 2 compliant vending stations produce tokens for non-updated meters?

Yes, it will.

When the vending systems has been upgraded to STS Edition 2, will the meters with base date 1993 still be able to vend on Rev1 keys until 2024?

Yes, it will.

If the vending system is upgraded to the 2014 base date, would it still work/vend with/for the pre-2014 meters?

Yes, it would. It must support both base dates, in fact it supports 1993, 2014, and 2035 base dates.